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The Advancer Model Business Playbook

The Advancer Model


Why do some organizations excel while others stall? Why do people want to work for certain companies and not others? These questions have intrigued KMAC for years so we’ve made it our mission to understand why.

The Advancer Model is a business playbook designed for purpose driven leaders drawing upon more than 30 years of experience working with Fortune 500’s, elite athletes, and global sport properties. By identifying the most common patterns and trends we can determine why some people and organizations succeed while others stall.

The Advancer Model can increase your odds for success.

The KMAC Story


Founded in 1992, KMAC is a high performance business advancement company. Using our proprietary Advancer Model to accelerate growth, KMAC unlocks the hidden value in business that owners often don’t see by identifying untapped profit potential through the performance and productivity of employees and the development of business design, systems and processes.

KMAC is most known for taking Fortune 500 experiences and lessons and applying that learning to other multinational firms and small and mid-sized firms.

Why businesses use the Advancer Model


Lacking Brand Awareness

Our high-performance business development strategies ensure that your company will become well known in your industry, to your target audience and internally to your employees. Stop wasting money on expensive marketing campaigns and product launches that miss the mark. The Advancer Model allows you to leverage the law of momentum so your business principles and values are evident at every stage of the sale cycle (pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase) for both employees and customers.


Stagnant Sales Growth

Either you aren’t selling enough to grow or  your sales have stalled. Whether your business is bleeding cash, stuck at a plateau or scrambling to keep up, implementing The Advancer Model is the first step towards increasing your profit potential.


Selling is Linear, Winning is Circular

Flawed Sales Training

When you are struggling to close deals and build strong relationships with your customers, it is most likely because of flawed sales training. The Advancer Model offers a framework for professional sales training, as well as interviewing and hiring strategies to bolster your team and secure long-term success. Selling is linear, winning is circular.


Lacking Strategy Implementation and Focus

Distractions lead to a lack of execution and focus to advance things. Our poor attention span today means we lack attention in everything we do. We don’t go deep with anything and we don’t stick things through. The Advancer Model allows you to move forward with a purpose and a vision so distractions dissolve and we can begin solving the challenges that face us.


High Staff Attrition Rate

Are you struggling to find and retain high-quality staff? Organizations lacking employee engagement suffer from devastating turnover rates. Micro and macro purposes must connect for full impact. For the greatest business outcome, employees’ personal purpose (micro purposes within organizations) must align with overarching business purpose (macro purposes). Don’t miss out on critical opportunities for growth. The Advancer Model helps your business build an environment that people want to work in which is essential to retaining top talent and growth.


Operating in a FOG, Lacking Vision

Not following a purpose blocks us from moving forward. Companies with a purpose and clear vision grow faster and larger. In the absence of clarity, most organizations struggle to innovate and make critical decisions when it matters most. The Advancer Model can help your business align individual employee goals with those of the company.



Unqualified Mentorship

Employees need mentorship. A lack of guidance in the workplace eventually leads to uncertainty, chaos, and inefficiency. High performance coaching based on The Advancer Model can strengthen middle management and improve the rate of employee development.


Ineffective Outsourcing and Partners

Building strong customer relationships and gaining sales traction proves extremely difficult without sufficient industry connections. To succeed in sales, those vital connections are crucial, and must be made a top priority. KMAC’s outsourcing initiative will help improve relationship building and strengthen network development accelerating sales opportunities.


Don’t have the Right Business Design and People to Meet Goals

An organization consists of two major parts: culture and people. Great organizations have great people and a great culture. Great people have strong capabilities and great character. Great cultures allow problems to surface which then can be solved allowing you to reach new heights previously unattainable. The Advancer Model allows you to be a great organization people want to work for. 

The Chameleon Effect


Don’t let your organization lose its identity. Many service based businesses are vulnerable to the “Chameleon Effect” where they risk losing their own identify in an effort to service other clients. This is a danger zone for losing good people and profits. The Advancer Model unravels the heartbeat of any business because it lies in its purpose and drive.

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Uncertainty with the Emergence of AI

Advancing Technology and the emergence of AI are accelerating changes in job types so new and emerging skills will be required. Understanding and steering emotional mindsets is a critical leadership skill we’ll need for tomorrow’s workforce. The Advancer Model can be the compass that drives us forward. It will be a critical business currency to innovate and instigate.

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Don’t Fall into the Sequels Trap

One of our biggest challenges today is a pattern of “sequels”, when people see someone or an organization who is successful, they want to replicate it – but they believe 60-70% is good enough. You cannot be famous, and you cannot shine when you are only good enough. The Advancer Model allows you to shine.

Solutions to help your business grow


Active Engagement

Operational excellence that supports, productive people, efficient systems, and a winning culture.


High Performance

Business Development

Development and deployment of highly skilled sales leaders and sales teams.


Digital Cloud Services

Tools to manage, analyze, and use data to increase profit, productivity and efficiencies.

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