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An organization consists of two major parts: culture and people. Great organizations have great people and a great culture. Great people have strong capabilities and great character. Great cultures allow problems to surface which then can be solved allowing you to reach new heights previously unattainable. We create better workplaces through remarkable employee and customer experiences. Great employee experiences increase productivity, improve customer service, and lead to greater profitability. Using a process called “The Purpose Matrix” KMAC gets to the heartbeat of the business clearly articulating drive and purpose. We then identify organizational gaps, opportunities and areas that need repairs then create an implementation plan to advance that outcome.


Based on years of experience our services include: distinctive Recruitment, Hiring and On-boarding models  and tools, Organization Research and Assessment to understand how your employees are interacting and engaging with your organization, your customers, and each other utilizing Advancer Model workshops, training and coaching platforms. Build and evolve your organization from chasing people and technology to building and evolving experiences that create sustainable change and heighten  your employee’s contribution. We believe people make a company’s culture, but that culture is what attracts the right people. Rather than having your employees just showing up to work, inspire them finding mutual purpose after mapping employee perceptions of where the company is at.


Companies often undervalue the impact of this step. Hiring for principles, self motivation and values instead of exclusively for capabilities will enhance an organization’s climate and culture increasing performance and productivity. Taking a coaching versus training approach helps employees reach revenue targets, personal growth targets, and key performance indicators (KPI’s)  as it relates to the growth of others. The outcome is the creation of an environment where every team member is looking out for the success of others around them, and where every person sees their role as critical to the organization.


Leading the design and implementation of operational excellence standards that support productive people, efficient systems, and a winning culture.

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Organizational Performance


Operational Excellence







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