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If the company’s purpose is not clear (or it is absent), employees will cling to a traditional selling structure that depends entirely on a product or service. KMAC takes a different approach to sales where the “Reasons to believe” lie in, 1) making strong people connections with strong follow-ups; 2) storytelling; and 3) strategic selling that taps into emotions. In this structure, sales teams aren’t afraid to ask the right questions of customers, and aren’t afraid of rejection. This is the KMAC signature “coaching” approach to sales. We also believe sales focus doesn’t always lie exclusively with decision makers, but also with the many influencers who help shape decisions. Our services include high performance sales training, high performance coaching, enterprise selling, strategic selling, contract (outsource sales) and non-traditional credible expert in-store demo programs that drive customer acquisition and brand awareness delivering sales volume for clients.

Unlocking untapped profit potential through the development and deployment of highly skilled sales leaders and sales teams.


Professional People Development.png
Professional People Development
Professional sales training2.png
Professional sales training
Contract Sales Teams2.png
Contract Sales Teams
Sales systems and sales process assessme
Sales systems and sales process assessment
Joint business planning3.png
Joint business planning
In-store demos2.png
In-store demos
Sales training seminars and workshops2.p
Sales training seminars and workshops
Complex enterprise selling strategies2.p
Complex enterprise selling strategies
Trade shows and events2.png
Trade shows and events
High performance coaching.png
High performance coaching
1-1 executive training and coaching2.png
1:1 executive training and coaching
Outsource sales.png
Outsource sales
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